CBI arrests P Chidambaram in INX media scam case

Team Udayavani, Aug 21, 2019, 9:55 PM IST

New Delhi: Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Wednesday night arrested former finance minister and Congress leader P Chidambaram was from his Jor Bagh residence in New Delhi.

Minutes after he reached there after a dramatic appearance at a press conference at AICC headquarters here team of about 30 CBI sleuths accompanied by Delhi police officials reached the Jor Bagh residence of Chidambaram and knocked at the doors for a few minutes before scaling the boundary wall to enter the premises.

A team of ED officials also reached there.

In fast-paced events, Chidambaram, who could not be traced by the agencies since Tuesday evening and failed to get any relief from the Supreme Court on Wednesday, appeared at the Congress headquarters at 8 pm where he addressed a brief press conference claiming innocence in the INX Media case.

He reached his Jor Bagh residence along with fellow Congress leaders and lawyers Kapil Sibal and Abhishek Manu Singhvi in the same vehicle.

Within minutes of Chidambaram reaching his residence, the CBI sleuths arrived there.

A large number media personnel staked out near the residence.

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