Change of guard ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan to recommence from Saturday

Team Udayavani, Oct 9, 2019, 7:34 PM IST

New Delhi: The change of guard ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, which was discontinued earlier due to extreme weather conditions, will recommence from this Saturday.

The ceremony is a military tradition in which a group of presidential guards is changed. It takes place on Weekends.

As per the new timings, on Sundays the ceremony will be held from 16:30 to 17:30 between October 13 and 30 and from 16:10 to 17:10 between November 1 and March 14, 2020, according to an official statement.

The ceremony will be held from 17:10 to 18:10 between March 15 to April 30, 2020, it said.

It will also continue to take place on every Saturday from 07:40 am to 08:40 am between October 12 to November 14 and from 09:40 am to 10:40 am between November 15 to March 14, 2020, the statement said.

The change of guard ceremony is open to people.

A request to witness it can be made online through a link on the website of the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the entry is through gate number 2 or 37, it added.

The president’s bodyguard (PBG), raised in 1773, is the senior most regiment of the Indian Army.

It is a regiment carrying out ceremonial duties for the president. The PBG personnel are excellent horsemen, capable tank men and paratroopers.

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