Corpse of boy who drowned in rivulet recovered after two days

Team Udayavani, Oct 19, 2019, 11:06 AM IST

Byndoor: The corpse of a school boy who drowned in the rivulet of Bonnaryana Gundi, Edamavina Hole, Kambadkone, was recovered after two days. Then deceased is identified as Rithesh Shetty (12).

The mortal remains of the Ritesh was found at a distance of a kilometre away from the spot where the boy was presumed to have drowned.

Two lives lost

Two young lives were lost in the incident which took place on October 17. The corpse of Vamshith Shetty (12) was found on the same day while, no clue was found concerning the corpse of Ritesh. Expert divers called in from Surathkal helped in finally tracing the body of Rithesh.

Vamshith and Rithesh were students of Sandeepan English medium school, studying in the seventh standard and a total of four students had gone for swimming as they were on Dasara vacation when tragedy struck.

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