Five killed in lorry-car collision

Team Udayavani, May 26, 2019, 6:54 PM IST

Dharwad: Five persons died on the spot, after the care they were traveling in collided with a lorry at Amaragol Cross of Navalagund town, here on Sunday.

The deceased are identified as Ravi Jambulingappa Handi (48), Lekhashree Handi (19), Naveen Khanna (16), Bagalkot residents Sharan Jigajinni (10) and Varsha Jigajinni (12).

The tire of Ford SUV traveling from Davangere towards Bagalkot burst, due to which the driver lost control and had rammed into a lorry coming from the opposite direction. As a result, all the five in the car died on spot, informed sources

The Navalagund Police have rushed to the spot and investigating the case.

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