Food department seeks assistance from RTO

Another method to catch ineligible BPL cards

Aaron D’mello, Oct 10, 2019, 12:26 PM IST

Udupi: Cards of 169 four-wheeler owners cancelled; to be started in DK soon

Mangaluru: In order to identify ineligible BPL card-holder, the Department of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs is now seeking assistance from the Regional Transport Office. It has decided to create a list of four-wheeler owners and thereby seized unofficial BPL cards.

The process has already been started in Udupi district and the BPL card of around 160 four-wheeler owners has already been seized. The same process will be introduced in DK soon.

While registering a vehicle at the RTO, linking Aadhar card is mandatory. Thus, it is possible to gain all the information regarding a person.

The department is also planning to gather information concerning ineligible BPL card holders through PF and income tax departments. But the complete plan regarding this yet to be decided, informed the department officials to Udayavani.

DK: 294 families upgraded to APL

The state government had given the deadline of Sep 30th to convert all BPL card holders from the medium to the rich level to APL cards. Fearing strict action, 294 families in the district converted to APL which included 8 families from the unofficial ration area in Mangaluru, 50 from Mangaluru taluk, 56 from Belthangady, 51 from Puttur and 35 from Sullia.

Decision within a week

Work is being conducted to convert ineligible families to APL card. Decision will also be taken regarding the punishment concerning non-conversion. Within a week’s period of time, the decision will be taken regarding the effective implementation of the process and the quantum of p[punishment – B T Manjunathan, Joint Director,  Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, DK

Effective identification work

This work will be continued with assistance from the RTO. The local administration has been asked to submit a list of houses lager the 1000 sq ft. with the assistance from the PF and income tax department, this work will be conducted even more effectively – Vasu Sehtty, Assistant Director,  Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, Udupi

366 families in Udupi converted into APL

Along with 169 families owning four-wheeler vehicles, the BPL cards of 366 rich families has been cancelled in Udupi district as of Saturday. 164 families have returned the cards on their own while 3 cards have been cancelled due to complaints.

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