Indian badminton chief Himanta elected to BAC vice-president post

Team Udayavani, May 26, 2019, 12:31 PM IST

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New Delhi: The Badminton Association of India (BAI) president Himanta Biswa Sarma has been elected as the vice-president of Badminton Asia Council.

The 50-year-old got 35 votes from a total of 40 polled.

“The BAI president is making his foray in the continental committee and we are sure it will help Badminton Association of India to get added support from the Asian body and work to develop badminton in the region,” said BAI general secretary Ajay Singhania.

Assam’s health and education minister Himanta was last year unanimously elected the BAI president during its annual general body meeting in Goa.

BAC president Anton Subowo also appointed BAI secretary (tournaments) Omar Rashid as the deputy chairman of Badminton Asia’s development committee.

Sudhakar Vemuri will also assume charge as BAC technical committee deputy chairman.

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