Kadri Park: Lack of water leaves flower plants wilting

Team Udayavani, May 22, 2019, 1:00 PM IST

Mangaluru: One of the largest parks in the city is Kadri Park was blooming with flower until recently. But since a few days, the acute shortage of water has affected the park as well and the plants within the park are showing signs of wilting.

Currently, there isn’t enough water to satiate the requirements of the park and hence both, Kadri Park and the nearby deer park are facing water scarcity. Used water used to be processed at Bendorewell and then utilized for the plants at the park. Thus, there was no problem until now. But now, since the entire city is facing water shortage, there isn’t enough water to fulfill the daily water requirement of the park. With the implementation of water rationing in the city, the supply of water to the parks was stopped.

Increase in water usage

Kadri Park is spread across an area of 16 acres and around 4 acres of the old deer park was given a rebirth 2 years back. This has increased water usage and the deer park requires almost 10,000 liter daily. In the same way, the nearby Kadri Park requires 50,000 liters of water daily. But now since there is scarcity of water, enough water is not available for daily usage. Meanwhile, the only increasing temperatures have caused the plants to wilt.

On Sunday night, even though there were pre-monsoon showers, it did not continue hence the lack of water persisted. There are many circles in the city which have been developed along with the installation of plants. But since there is no proper supply of water, the plants are wilting. No daily water is being provided to the plants planted along the dividers due to which, most of the plants have wilted.

No water trouble for the musical fountain

The musical fountain at the deer park here is presently not facing water shortage. Water is coming to the park through pipes from Bendoorwell. The water used for the fountain does not get wasted. The water used her is reused for the next show. Therefore the fountain has not yet faced water shortage.

Lack of water

“Kadri Park and the Deer park are facing water shortage. There in not enough water to be used on the plants in the park daily. Since the musical fountain at the deer park is re-using its water, it is still functioning properly,” informs Janaki, Senior Assistant, Horticulture Department

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