LF presents ‘Fit & Fast – Fuel Your Brain’

Launching ‘Chef & Host’ Rishim Sachdeva | A holistic manual for a fitter and happier YOU

Team Udayavani, Jul 12, 2019, 11:54 AM IST

Mumbai: The international lifestyle channel LF launches another interesting show titled ‘Fit & Fast – Fuel your Brain.’ The show sees Chef & Host Rishim Sachdeva for the first time on Indian television where he takes viewers through a holistic approach towards fuelling the brain. His expertise on the show goes beyond food by speaking to experts and addressing multiple topics on mental fitness which need a lot of attention in today’s busy life. This show busts the daily myths about the brain and its fitness in equal measure. It also talks about specially curated recipes for the brain, special advice from experts and showcases a series of games to make one think and feel better.

Each episode has one focal point such as memory, energy, vision, communication, moods, addiction, decision making/problem solving, sleep, stress, senses, libido levels, motor skills and alertness/concentration. With all this Chef Rishim brings his affable self while addressing a serious issue with the utmost ease. He uses food as the power product on this show. Chef Rishim is seen in conversation with the expert whose advice is an inspiration for the dish he makes and then goes on to talk about it. A simple solution that has been available in the kitchen all along.

The season includes various superfood-heroes some traditional and others slightly more new-age. Hence, there is something for everybody. Chef Rishim uses his expertise of over 16 years where he has mastered the art of presenting dishes that are simple and succulent yet easy. He talks about how each one helps the focal points being discussed in that particular episode. Each episode will talk about three super-food-heroes and dishes made using each of them.

The show incepts an idea. It inculcates the need for a lifestyle overhaul through a shift in daily habits to bring a sense of accomplishment that transcends to the other areas of one’s life. Quite often the most complicated problems have the easiest solutions and that is exactly what LF & Chef Rishim would like to communicate with their viewers. With Fit &Fast and Chef Rishim, LF is aiming to change the way people live their daily lives by fuelling the brain so that people are not only physically fir but even mentally. By simply fueling it with the right elements, one can make a huge difference to one’s overall health. This is what the show aims to showcase. People tend to lay emphasis on physical and external care like going to spas or doing some physical activity. The brain, as much power it has, is often ignored when it comes to overall fitness.

Commenting on his experience with the show, Chef & Host Rishim Sachdeva says, “A wholesome diet is essential for a healthy brain. As a chef, I always try to balance elements of health and taste in my food. It is spectacular how tweaking your diet works wonder for your overall mood, health and wellbeing. In this show, I have tried to use simple everyday ingredients to make dishes which are great for people of all ages.”

Commenting on the show Amit Nair, Business Head, LF says, “As the control centre of our body, it is our brain which is in charge. We realized that our audience will benefit immensely from the knowledge of the most elementary ingredients that aid our brain development and in turn overall health. Chef Rishim is very passionate about this subject and the benefits it has and bringing him and his vast area of expertise on board seemed like a natural fit with LF. We are sure the audience will benefit from this extensively researched and well-curated show and will have a great time watching it and living a healthier life.”


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