‘Mahamilawati’ parties do not want to acknowledge India’s strength: PM Modi

Team Udayavani, May 5, 2019, 4:17 PM IST

Bhadohi (UP): Launching a fresh tirade against the opposition alliance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday said ‘mahamilawati’ parties do not want to acknowledge India’s growing strength in the international arena.

He said that the country has seen four types of government – ‘naampanthi’ (dynastic rulers), ‘vampanthi’ (left), ‘damanpanthi’ (rulers using money and muscle power) and now ‘vikaspanthi’ which talks of development.

Addressing a poll rally here, the prime minister also charged that the Congress was interested only in the welfare of its own leaders and their close family members. Taking a swipe at the opposition alliance, he said, “What shall I say about the ‘mahamilawati’ parties that do not want to acknowledge India’s growing strength in the international arena?”.

He said the opposition parties relate the surgical strikes with Lok Sabha polls, “but, everything should not be seen through the prism of elections.”

Charging the opposition parties with dabbling in corruption when in power in the past, Modi said there was no blot on his image during his long stint as chief minister and five years as prime minister.

“The country has been governed by ‘nampanthi’ that is dynastic rulers, ‘vampanthi’ (left), ‘damanpanthi’ or rulers using money and muscle power, and ‘vikaspanthi’ that is one caring for 130 crore people,” he said.

Bhadohi, famous for its carpets, has a sizeable Muslim population. It goes to polls on May 12 in the sixth phase

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