Mumbai MBA couple sets up food stall every morning for a touching reason

Team Udayavani, Oct 4, 2019, 11:26 AM IST

Mumbai: Outside the Kandivali station in Mumbai, a couple sets up a food stall every morning. They sell food between 4 am to 10 am before leaving for work. Both are MBA graduates with comfortable jobs, and their reason for setting up a food stall every morning, detailed in a Facebook post, is heartwarming.

On Wednesday, Facebook user Deepali Bhatia wrote and shared the now-viral post about Ashwini Shenoy Shah and her husband.

Bhatia said that on the day of Gandhi Jayanti, she was out in search of good food when she stumbled upon their food stall. Shah and her husband were selling snacks like poha, upma, paranthas and idli, and Bhatia, after tasting their food, asked them why they had set up a roadside stall.

“I was so thrilled and touched to hear what came to me as *One of my most inspiring Act of Kindness*” she wrote.

The couple, it turned out, had been setting up a food stall every morning to help out their 55-year-old maid. The maid, whose husband had been paralysed, cooked the food that was sold by Shah and her husband.

Referring to them as superheroes in her post, Bhatia praised the couple and said they were “working to support their cook so that at this age she doesn’t have to run for financial aid.”

Her post has gone viral with over 12,000 ‘likes’ and hundreds of comments applauding the couple for taking the time out to help someone in need.

“Inspiring,” wrote one person. “Really praiseworthy couple. God bless them,” said another, while a third added, “In case we can’t donate money we donate time.”


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