Operation conducted against sale of tobacco

Team Udayavani, Nov 25, 2018, 9:15 AM IST

  • Rs 50,000 fine; 150 cases booked

Mangaluru: With the aim to make the city free from tobacco an operation is being conducted under joint leadership of the health department and the police, with raids being conducted on shops selling tobacco products and till now Rs 50,000 has been collected in fines with close to 150 cases having being registered.

As of now, the operation has been conducted in Pandeshwa, Urwa store, Alake, Bunder and other areas.

On Saturday PSI Pradeep and team along with Dr Preeta, Jhn and team of the district tobacco control cell, secretary Shruti and others conducted operation at Yeyyadi, Pumpwell and other places and registered 60 cases along with collecting R 12,000 in fines.

15 day operation

This operation will be conducted for 15 days with raid being carried at bars, restaurants, general shops and similar places and inspection will be done on the sale of tobacco products, said Dr Preeta.

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