Vehicle oil on the road; two-wheelers’ skid

Team Udayavani, Oct 21, 2019, 3:41 PM IST

Oil leaked along the Ladyhill - Ferry road on Sunday

Mangaluru: Oil leaking from some vehicles passing along the road drops on to the road and since a few days, several vehicle users are facing much trouble due to this. On Sunday, oil leaking from a vehicle along Ladyhill circle – ferry road at Mannagudda resulted in a two-wheeler rider crashing to the ground along with his vehicle after skidding on the spilt oil on the road.

The oil leaked to a distance of almost half-a-kilometer and later, the traffic police along with the assistance from public, covered the oil with sand, installed barricades and regularized traffic movement.
A few months back, oil leaking from a KSRTC bus, spilt from Jyoti circle to Lalbhag caused more than 10 two-wheeler riders come crashing down to the ground and get injured.

At the same time, some auto rickshaw driver exemplified humanity by transporting mud in their vehicle and covering the oil spots with it.

A few years ago, oil has flowed instantaneously on to the road from the underground drainage at Jyoti circle in the city.  On that occasion, more than 10 two-wheelers skid on the oil and fell to the road leaving more than 12 people injured. In the same way, oil leaking from a lorry at Lalbhag caused a two-wheeler rider to skid, fall to the ground and suffer injury. At the same time, traffic police who were on the spot, quickly covered the oil spot with mud and prevented any further incidents.

There has been an instance wherein oil spilt on the road along Kadri caused many vehicles to skid. Later, the affected areas were covered with sand and soil with assistance from the locals’ post which, traffic movement normalized.

Recently, oil leaked on to the road at Lalbhag was quickly covered with mud by a traffic policeman identified as Srikanth, who was on duty at the circle and his quick action prevented any untoward incident from occurring. In this way, several such incidents are occurring in the city.

Maintain your vehicle

If the vehicle is not maintained properly, there will be oil leakage. In that too, if the wheel of a vehicle falls into a pothole, then oil can leak from the gearbox. In order to prevent this, vehicle users must carryout vehicle maintenance at appropriate times – Rajesh Acharya, Mechanic, Gorigudda

Follow these steps

If in case there is oil leaking from the vehicle when in use, immediately stop the vehicle, call your mechanic and tell him the concern. During summer, there is a higher chance for the oil seal to wearoff and the same can be checked for at a showroom. Sometimes, there will be oil leakage if the bolt of the oil box is loose. Checking the vehicle before travelling is well advised. Everyone must maintain their vehicles properly.

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