Water scarcity: M’luru to get water from May 16th; Situation in Udupi improves

Team Udayavani, May 15, 2019, 12:40 PM IST

Mangaluru/Udupi: In the backdrop of depleting water level at Thumbay dam, the water rationing rule which was in effect was revised for more effective use of the drastically reducing resource. Hence, according to the new water rationing rule, water would be supplied to the city for four days from 6 am on Thursday May 16 to 6 am on May 20th.

Water to residences at higher altitudes areas in the city are getting water through water tankers. The water level at Thumbay dam stood at 3.85mt as of Tuesday evening.


With the continuous dredging at Baje dam and water being pumped from the water holes at Shiroor, the inflow of water into the dam across River Swarna at Baje has improved. For effective distribution and management of the very little available water resource, the city has been divided into 6 divisions and the water is supplied in once in six days by rotation system to all the divisions.

The continuous efforts by the officials and people’s representatives has shown positive results with the water level at Baje dam, which was at 1.06mt  on Monday to 1.80mt on Tuesday. Officials have informed that water would be supplied to Dodanagudde, Gundibail, Bittur, Santhekatte, Hanumanthnagar and other areas on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, all he eight tankers employed for water supply remained busy. Meanwhile the number of complaints regarding water received by the municipality reduced to 46 on Tuesday in comparison to over 70 calls that were received in this connection on Monday.

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