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Udayavani Special interview with Mangaluru Police Commissioner Sandeep Patil

Aaron D’mello, Jul 8, 2019, 12:30 PM IST

Three months have passed since Sandeep Patil from Bidar became the Police Commissioner of Mangaluru. In this short span of time he has given priority to quickly responding to the complaints by the people and thus has gained popularity among the people. On the other hand, he has also shown the power of the police to the criminals. He has been following up on kingpins causing harm to law and order in the city as well as those responsible for cattle theft. In the backdrop of all these development, here is a special interview of ‘Udayavani’ with Mr Sandeep Patil.

How is your three-and-a-half months experience since becoming the Police Commissioner?

This is my first posting in Karavali area. Three-and-a-half-months of experience has given me a lot of experience. Mangaluru has more fights, rowdyism; there is a feeling that the police is finding it difficult to deal with it. But after arriving here, I realized that this is a false opinion. The people here prefer a disciplined life. It it true that small incidents do occur, but it also happens at other places.

Why are you so active on Twitter?

Social media like Whatsapp and Twitter have made it convenient for the police. Instead of a person coming from Moodbidri to Mangaluru with a complaint, the concerned issue can be brought to the immediate notice and action can be taken by stating the complaint on Twitter, Whatsapp or an email. A Rs 52 lakh cricket betting network was busted similarly after a citizen informed of the cricket betting business. I am active on social media for the benefit of the people.

Isn’t there an opinion amongst the people that you method of working is unique?

I am from the 2004 IPS batch. People have enough faith on the Police Department. We need to work in the direction of saving this faith. There are many opportunities for us in the area of law to assist the people. We are all public servants and hence we first need to respond immediately to their problems. Even at my office, I first speak to those who have come with a problem/complaint and then give my attention to other works.

Do you agree that the root of the drug network has dug deep into Karavali?

Yes; we should first acknowledge the existence of the problem. Along with ganja, the drug mafia is widespread in Karavali and hence inevitably there is a need to find its root and level it. As per my observation, there are local gangs that manage the drug business and we are on their heels. But the roots are in Mumbai and Goa. The network functions similar to a chain system and its kingpin are somewhere far-off controlling the system. The distributors are in Mangaluru and we have information regarding them. We have the clue concerning the kingpin. We have sent our police teams to Mumbai and Goa. But, time is required to get assistance from the local police to bust the root of the drug network. I have considered the drug mafia seriously, and I will not keep quiet until I have leveled it completely.

Can the people have faith on you regarding the extermination of drugs?

We have started work on spreading awareness regarding drugs among the people, especially the youth and have already visited colleges. But complete support is required from the guardians. If they suspect their children or observe a change in behavior of the children, they must immediately give us the information. In a recent few cases, the parents had no clue regarding the drug abuse by their children. When we arrest, the guardians insist,” My son is not like that”, but the medical reports depict the truth to be otherwise. Hence, parents and teachers must share with us any little information they get regarding the abuse.

How will you put an end to the ganja network in college campuses?

The spread of drugs within college campuses is a serious issue. Due to this reason, we are first spreading awareness among the college students. Besides, we have already created a list on students residing in hostels and PGs. We have given calls to hostel warden and PG owners and on getting any clue, we will take action against the owners of such hostel/PGs.

First warning, then action; is this your work style?

Normally in all matters, I call and give a warning once. If they do not know about the law, I will try to convince them. If the behavior persists, I will take action without any consideration. Due to this reason I had tweeted about cricket betting and conducted a parade of former rowdies.

You have now extended your hands towards the illegal cattle theft and transport network?

Cattle theft is a crime. Here, law and order is being affected because of this. Therefore I have started following the cattle theft network and created a list of those who have been indulging in cattle theft earlier. We have written a letter to the police officials of other districts and states to take action against cattle thieves from their jurisdictions. Several main accused are absconding and they are still responsible for the activity occurring currently in the district.

There is talk that police officers coming forward to put an end to cattle business will get transferred surely; are you facing any such political pressure?

I have not received any pressure regarding this issue. Not just that, even in the three-and-a-half months of my term here, I have not received any political pressure. Therefore I am trying to completely control all the illegal activities through the law.

Only in a span of three-and-a-half months, two shootouts have occurred; is this warning to the rowdies?

If crime and rowdyism increase, then people will get scared to come to the police station; that should not happen. On contrary, police action must instill courage amongst the people. People’s love and faith towards the police; criminals fear towards the police – this is my principle. With that aim, we are doing all that which is possible within the limits of the law. We have already arrested several accused who were absconding. Many are hiding in Dubai and abroad, already a list regarding them has been created and attempts are being made to arrest them.

Why have you maintained a strict eye on cricket betting?

I love cricket. But the bookies are trying to spoil it. I have observed earlier as well. It is only the bookies who make money in betting. Many innocent people have lost money and property to this menace. A few have even gone to the extent of committing suicide. Therefore, we are helping such families by taking strict action against the menace of betting.

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