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Earth and Moon shared magnetic field 4.1 billion years ago: Study

United Arab Emirates to send 1st ‘Arab mission’ to moon in 2024

Mars to appear with coral-like glow in night sky

Radiation levels on Moon 200 times higher than on Earth: Scientists

An asteroid twice as big as Great Pyramid of Giza to enter Earth’s orbit

Earth has lost 28 trillion tonnes of ice in less than 30 years: Scientists

What is Asteroid 2018VP1, headed towards Earth right before US Election Day?

Tiny Asteroid may hit Earth a day before US Election in November

Supernovae may have contributed to mass extinction on Earth 359 mn yrs ago: Study

Perseids Meteor shower 2020: Everything you need to know about the celestial event

Scientists claim Some stars could support 7 Earth-like planets

Moon is 85 million years younger than previously thought: Study

Last month was Earth’s warmest May on record: NASA

Astronomers discover a ‘mirror image’ of the Earth and the Sun

‘What makes Saturn’s atmosphere hot decoded’

Die offs began on land in Earth’s largest extinction event: Study

Earth may have been a ‘water world’ 3bn years ago: Study

Seventeen new planets, including one Earth-sized world discovered

To 11 million Brazilians, the Earth is flat

Earth captures new ‘mini moon’

Earth captures new ‘mini moon’

Record-breaking US astronaut returns to Earth By Christopher

How key molecule for life’s origin reached Earth decoded

NASA planet hunter finds Earth-sized world in ‘Goldilocks zone’

New laser-based system to accurately spot space junk

Boeing Starliner to return to Earth after glitch causes mission failure

Tropical mountain top glaciers may melt by next decade, or sooner: Study

Volcanic rocks may trigger massive unpredictable global warming effects: Study

‘Earth’s most uninhabitable place found’

Water discovered for first time in atmosphere of habitable exoplanet

Dinosaur-killing asteroid started wildfires, triggered tsunamis: Study

This material may help make Mars habitable: Study

World Environment Day 2017: 8 Green ways to save our planet

NASA releases new global maps of Earth’s ‘night light’

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Over 70 Flipkart sellers become crorepatis in first 3 days of sale; 5k Amazon sellers clock Rs 10 lakh sales

India is ‘very inspiring’; its research, manufacturing critical to fighting Covid-19: Bill Gates

Wipro wins five-year contract from Fortum

India records 46,790 new COVID-19 cases

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