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Scientists decode why COVID-19 spares children

Scientists discover new tree frog genus in Andaman Islands

Scientists develop novel method to preserve vaccines without refrigeration

Scientists find evidence of two-way transmission of COVID-19 on mink farms

Scientists discover ‘unique’ walrus haulout in Russia

Coral reef taller than Eiffel Tower found in Australia: Scientists

‘Sleeping giant’ Arctic methane deposits have started to release: Scientists

Scientists find brain abnormalities in COVID-19 patients

4 scientists selected for Distinguished Alumnus Award of IISC

Scientists measure the shortest interval of time ever recorded

Scientists accidentally discover new organ in human throat

Why scientists are trying to cultivate heeng in the Himalayas?

Earth and Moon shared magnetic field 4.1 billion years ago: Study

Zoological survey collected thousands of fauna samples despite COVID restrictions: Official

6.4 mn-yr-old monkey fossils found in China: Scientists

Scientists discover fastest possible speed of sound

What is Hepatitis C virus, the discovery of which helped three scientists win the Nobel Medicine award?

2 new species of wetland plant discovered in Western Ghats

Like humans, chimpanzees face lifelong setbacks if orphaned: Study

Scientists discover phosphine in Venus atmosphere: Is there life on Venus?

Australian stinging tree toxins similar to venom found in scorpions: Scientists

What is Solar Cycle 25, announced by NASA and NOAA scientists?

Scientists use AI to predict the side effects of drugs

30,000 sq km ocean area has been modified by human construction:Study

Earth has lost 28 trillion tonnes of ice in less than 30 years: Scientists

Scientists decode how lungs are damaged in severe Covid-19 using novel imaging technique

Supernovae may have contributed to mass extinction on Earth 359 mn yrs ago: Study

Scientists recommend at least 40 pc humidity in public buildings to curb COVID-19 spread

Scientists invent low-cost emergency ventilator

Scientists decode likely order of COVID-19 symptoms

Gargling with mouthwashes might lower spread of COVID-19, scientists say

Scientists create biodegradable flip-flops from algae

Scientists develop nanorods from aspirin for cataract treatment

Scientists have figured out a weakness of Covid-19 virus

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