Avast detects over 43,000 Clipsa malware attacks on PCs in India

Team Udayavani, Aug 7, 2019, 3:48 PM IST

New Delhi: PC security maker Avast on Wednesday said it has detected and blocked over 43,000 attacks of Clipsa malware which steals passwords and mines cryptocurrencies that slows down computers.

Clipsa disguises itself as software for installing media players and infects computers when it is downloaded.

“Clipsa is an unusual password stealer. In that it supports a wide range of functionalities. Instead of just focusing on passwords and cryptowallets present on the victim’s computer, Clipsa also makes PCs do cybercriminals’ dirty work, like searching for vulnerable WordPress websites on the internet and brute-forcing their credentials,” said Jan Rubin, malware researcher at Avast.

The campaign is most prevalent in India, where Avast has blocked more than 43,000 Clipsa infection attempts, protecting more than 28,000 users in the country from the malware, the statement said.

If a device is infected with Clipsa, users may notice PC performing slower than usual, due to malicious cryptocurrency mining being executed by the malware in the background.

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