Chetan Bhagat gets pirated version of his own book sold to him by a hawker at traffic signal

Team Udayavani, Aug 8, 2019, 10:52 AM IST

‘Things have a way of finding their way back to people.’

Popular Indian author Chetan Bhagat learnt this recently, when a street hawker tried to sell him a pirated version of his own novel at a traffic signal.

The author who is known for his books like 5 Point Someone, The Three Mistakes of My Life, One Night at the Call Center, Two States and Half-Girlfriend, which have been made into successful Bollywood movies as well.

It was one of these popular books, that Chetan Bhagat was surprised to see being sold at a traffic signal by a hawker.

In a video posted on this Twitter, Bhagat shows how a young boy turns up at his car window and tries to sell him a book.

“Chetan Bhagat hai?” he can be seen asking the boy. (You have one by Chetan Bhagat?)

“Acchi hai koi?” he further asks when the boy replies with a ‘Yes.’ (‘Is any of his books good?’)

‘Nayi wali ayi hai,’ the boy can be seen replying. (‘A new one has come.’)

“Thik likhta hai?” Bhagat asks the boy. (‘He writes fine?’)

“Bohot acchi bikhti hai, sir” the boy replies. (‘They sell very well, sir.’)

After this exchange, Bhagat can be seen examining the book in his hand and asking if its ‘real or fake.’

‘Online ka copy hai, sir,’ the boy is heard replying. (‘It’s a copy of an online version.’) Since a direct copy of the e-book, published in print would mean its pirated, that’s what Bhagat harps onto next – ‘Online ka copy toh nakli hai’ (The copy of online is fake.)

Then he can be seen revealing his own identity to the boy, who seems shocked, then pleasantly surprised. Bhagat shakes his hand and asks for the boys name and then thanking him.

“This guy sold me my own book !😂 His reaction when he found out was so sweet. ♥️. I don’t support piracy (hurts me directly) but I also know it helps people like him make a living. I’d rather they sold original books at signals instead. Many do now!” Bhagat captioned the video.

Earlier this year, Paulo Coelho had also shared what he thought about pirated books.

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