J&K governor directs officials to facilitate students return to their homes for Eid

PTI, Aug 8, 2019, 4:39 PM IST

Srinagar/Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir Governor on Thursday issued directions to officials to facilitate return of outside students to their states who wish to go to their homes for Eid.

Governor has also sanctioned Rs 1 lakh each to designated liaison officers for organising Eid festivities for J&K students who are studying in other states and are unable to come to their homes on the occasion, Raj Bhawan spokesman said.

He passed the directions for setting up telephone lines in Deputy Commissioners’ offices for such students to talk to their families back home.

These directions were issued by the Governor at a high level meeting of officials to review security, and provision of basic services and essential commodities to people in the union territory.

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