Over 70 MLAs resign angered by exclusion of Angara

Team Udayavani, Aug 22, 2019, 3:02 PM IST

Sullia: The taluk BJP committee had organized emergency meeting on Wednesday August 21 to pool the general opinion of the leaders and workers of the party in connection to the last minute denial of ministerial position to local MLA, Angara. Over 70 elected people’s representatives have tendered their resignation letters in defiance to the party’s decision to repeatedly keep Angara away from the corridors of power.

The meeting decided to launch non-cooperation movement by the party unit while the resignation letters of the representatives were handed over to BJP Mandal Committee.

it has been decided that to observe a non-cooperative attitude with the district and state units of the party and the people’s representatives chosen from the BJP in the constituency will not attend their office, will not take part in meetings and functions, said Mandal BJP committee president, Venkat Volalambe.

Leaders like A V Teertharama, Venkat Volalambe, Rakesh Rai Kedenji, Bhagirathi Murulya, Chaniya Kaltadka, Subodh Shetty Menala, Harish Kanjipili, Dinesh Medu, Chandrashekhar Panne, Muliya Keshava Bhat, and several others in addition to a large number of party workers attended the emergency meeting.

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