Same-sex couple, from India and Pakistan, win Twitter with stunning pics

Team Udayavani, Jul 31, 2019, 6:31 PM IST

The photoshoot of a same-sex couple in New York has taken the Internet by storm. Pictures from the photoshoot were posted by their photographer on Monday to Twitter, where they have gone massively viral.

The pictures feature Anjali Chakra from India and Sundas Malik from Pakistan under a rain-splattered umbrella.

Wearing traditional outfits and jewellery, the couple are seen laughing and kissing in the pics.

“A New York Love Story,” wrote their photographer while sharing the pictures online.

The post has collected over 41,000 ‘likes’ and hundreds of comments. Many social media users seem to be in love with the love story that rose above gender and religion.

In another post this morning, their photographer, Sarowar Ahmed, wished the couple a happy anniversary while sharing more pictures from another, equally stunning photoshoot. The pictures were also shared by Anjali with a sweet caption: “Happy anniversary to the girl who taught me how to love & be loved.”


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