Truck spills money on highway, drivers stop to grab it. Watch

Team Udayavani, Jul 11, 2019, 12:51 PM IST

An armoured truck’s door came open on a highway in Georgia, USA, on Tuesday night, spilling cash across the road. And while it rained money, drivers stopped to grab it. A video that is going viral online shows a row of cars parked on the side of the road as their drivers “frantically” took the money.

“Last night around 8:00 PM, Dunwoody officers responded to the area of I-285 west and Ashford Dunwoody Road regarding money flying all over the road,” the Dunwoody Police Department said in a Facebook post. “The 911 callers said that 15+ vehicles had stopped and people were frantically taking the money.”

Watch the video below:

Spilled money on I-285 in Atlanta from r/WTF

According to CNN, police estimate that nearly $1,75,000 was spilled out when the truck’s side door sprung open. “Officers and the truck crew gathered a few hundred dollars that was still there when officers arrived, but plenty was taken,” the Dunwoody Police Department said.

The police are now urging people who grabbed the money in the “cash storm” to return it.

“While we certainly understand the temptation, it’s still theft and the money should be returned. We are thankful there were no crashes or pedestrians struck as a result of this isolated cash storm.”

Sargent Robert Parsons, a spokesman for the Dunwoody Police Department, also added to CNN: “We have plenty of social media video, some of which seems to have tag numbers, to follow up on, but we really want people to come in, turn in the money and go on about their life without worrying about when the police are coming to find them.”



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