Vitla: Vehicle transporting cattle illegally seized

Team Udayavani, Oct 15, 2019, 8:59 AM IST

Vitla: In an operation conducted by Vitla police, a vehicle which as transporting cattle illegally, allegedly to a slaughter house in Kerala was caught at Kodapadavu Chanila in Vitlapadnuru. The vehicle was seized and the bovines rescued, but the accused made good their escape.

The Ashok Leyland truck was carrying 2 cows and a bull and proceeding from Kodapadavu via Saletturu road to the alleged slaughter house in Kerala. Based on the information provided by beat police Manjunath, policemen Jayakumar and Pratap Reddy waylaid the truck. However, the accused managed to escape.

In may be noted that a few months back, a truck in the guise of Amul ice-cream was caught transporting bovines. This time too, a similar vehicle was used but with different colour, informed the cops.

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