Pratap Simha regrets posting derogatory article against actor Prakash Raj

PTI, Aug 8, 2019, 3:24 PM IST

Bengaluru: BJP Lok Sabha member from Mysuru Pratap Simha on Thursday regretted posting derogatory article against multi-ligual film actor Prakash Raj and withdrew his comments from Twitter and Facebook “unequivocally.”

“Dear Prakash Raj, I had posted a derogatory article against you and your family on 2 and 3rd October 2017. However I understand these were unwarranted and hurtful. Therefore, I unequivocally withdraw and regret Twitter and FB posts,” Simha tweeted. Prakash Raj was quick to welcome the gesture and responded on Twitter.

“Thank you Pratap Simha. I accept your apology. We may have differences with our ideology but let us not get personal and dirty on social media as we both are successful individuals in our respective fields. It’s our responsibility to set good examples.”

He even had slammed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not condemning the killing. Instead, Modi was following those who hailed Lankesh’s killing, Raj had alleged at the event. Raj had even called Modi an “actor” bigger than him.

“When I see such actors who are acting as though nothing has happened…I have been given five national awards, I feel like returning it to them. They are bigger actors than me,” Raj had said at the event.

Raj’s statement kicked up a row and the Mysuru MP made personal attacks on social media against his family and his career, following which the actor had filed a defamation case of Re one against Simha.

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