EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mangalore girl Manvitha Harish talks about her first movie

With her first movie to be released on September 11, RJ-turned-actress Manvitha Harish talks about life, travel, movies and the one addiction she is never going to overcome — acting.
She is just 23 —young, charming and doing things her way. Hailing from Chikmangalore, this beautiful lass, promises to impress on screen in the upcoming movie Kendasampige directed by ace director Duniya Soori, where she takes the lead role.

 Talking about how she got into the industry, Manvitha says that a friend recommended her name to Duniya about one-and-half-years ago. “I was asked to send my selfies as the director was looking for someone who looks good on screen without makeup. And then I was called for an audition and got selected,” she says. However, she says that she has got offers before through Facebook messages asking if she was interested in acting, but none hooked her. “This script, on the other hand, got me very excited. I could instantly connect to it. Moreover, Duniya is one of the directors everyone admires and wants to work with,” says Manvitha, revealing nothing about the film except that it is “a rom-com with an interesting twist and that which involves lot of travels.”

Having wrapped up her debut movie, which was shot across various places from Bangalore to Belgaum, Manvitha admits that she thoroughly enjoyed shooting as the plot of film revolves around her same passion as driving long distance.

For Manvitha film making was always a passion. “I used to make short films while I was in college,” she says, admitting that she wants to take up direction some day. But right now, she wants to perfect her skill of acting and do a good mix of movies, irrespective of the language—right from action and comedies to biopics. “I just worry about doing a good job with what I have chosen. The only thing I have the freedom of ensuring is choosing my roles carefully, be it big or small,” she adds.

With two offers already in line from Telugu and Tamil industry, she doesn’t want to put anything out there now—she would rather want the directors approach her once they think she’s worth it after watching her first movie.

- By Nimmy Merlien Philip 

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