Shocking!! WHO stats reveal 57% of allopathic doctors in India have no medical qualifications

New Delhi: The World Health Organisation (WHO), in its recent report has made a shocking revelation that nearly more than half of Indian doctors lack the prerequisite medical qualifications.
As per the report titled 'Health Workforce in India', based on the data collected from all districts during the 2001 census, states that around 31% of those who claimed to be allopathic doctors in 2001, had studied till secondary school level, whereas some 57% did not have any medical qualifications.
The same is the case in rural India too where only 18% of the allopathic doctors had a medical qualification.
Other fields of medicine too are not far behind with only 60% of Ayurvedic doctors, 46% of Unani doctors, 42.3% of dentists and 42% of homeopathy practitioners found to be medically qualified.
The WHO report also points out that compared to their male counterparts the women workforce in health sector was better educated with 67% of females having a medical qualification compared to 38% of males.
Sounding an alarm on India's already dismal doctor-patient ratio, the WHO report reduces the figure from 80 doctors/lakh population to 36 doctors/lakh population.

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