Rationalists eat under moonlight to break eclipse myth

Mangaluru: The Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations organized a moon viewing session here on Wednesday.

To break the myth of consuming food during eclipse, the rationalist served and ate food under the moonlight at MCC swimming pool premises.

The Rationalis argued on the eclipse phenomenon to be of a natural condition and denied claims of it being inauspicious and bringing bad luck to some.

Their move followed inactivity at temples during the eclipse. In addition to scrapping rituals and services, temples were also shut for devotees for some time.

"The appearance of the moon in three colours is a myth. Astrologers are confused between spreading their superstitions and trying to use the terminology of modern science. A blue moon is an additional full moon that appears in a sub-division of a year: either the third or fourth full moon in a season, or the second full moon in a calendar month," said Narendra Nayak, president, Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations.

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