Brave Staffs prevent Bank Robbery at Kotekar

Ullal: The brave staff of Kotekar agriculture service co-operative bank managed to recover stolen gold ornaments within minutes of the theft here in Shamil complex near K C Road junction here yesterday.

On Friday, a gang of robbers planned to loot the bank knowing that the Bank would have thin staffing during Friday noon on occassion of Friday Prayers.

The thieves, on Friday noon entered the bank and threatened the security personnel, and three other bank officials Manohar, Sudhir and Ramachandra and locked them inside the restroom.

Meanwhile, Ramachandra broke open the door and ran towards the thieves who were trying to escape with 30 kg gold. He flung a huge stone at the gang following which the latter escaped leaving the gold.

It has been reported that the Bank's CCTV was switched off due to power cut. Even the alarm system was not available in the bank.

Further probe is on.

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