Techie turned serial killer tells Bihar cops,‘Don’t waste time, just Google my name’

Patna: The Bihar police were in for a crude shock after the man they arrested on theft charges on Sunday turned out to be a serial killer responsible for deaths of more than 20 people across Bihar.
As per reports, the accused 35-year-old Avinash Srivastava alias Amit, son of a former RJD MLC told cops, "Don't waste your and my time interrogating me. Just Google 'psycho killer Amit' and you will get all the answers."
The police were absolutely clueless that the person they nabbed while he was trying to break into the Central Bank of India in Vaishali was a notorious serial killer.
Avinash happens to be well educated man and was working for a top IT company, however things took an ugly turn after his father was murdered in 2002 and Avinash took to crime to avenge his death.
The Vaishali police said that he had killed the murderer of his father and had pumped his body with 32 bullets. He kept shooting him even after he died and this murder had reportedly inspired the climax scene of Gangs of Wasseypur.
As per Avinash’s confession he has killed over 20 people, four people who were involved in the murder of his father and still has a few names left in his ‘hit list’.
 His statement has reportedly helped the Bihar police solve many murder cases.

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