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Kalasa Banduri Issue: Kannada Outfits to Siege Goa-Karnataka Boarder on Sept 22

Hubballi: Pro Kannada outfits will siege Goa-Karnataka boarder through Karwar on September 22 urging Karnataka state government to implement Kalasa-Banduri project immediately, said Kannada activist, president of  pro-Kannada outfit, Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha, Vatal Nagaraj speaking on the move of Kannada outfits on Kalasa Banduri project issue.

As many as 2,000 various Kannada outfits are expected to announce their support for the move of the Kannada Okkuta on September 22 and the protests will continue even after September 22 to urge the state government to implement Kalasa Banduri project immediately to protect the interest of the farmers in the state.

Vatal Nagaraj urged Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to put pressure on the union government to implement the proposed project and call a special session of Karnataka legislature to discuss the measures to be taken to implement the project at the earliest.

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