CMS driver escapes with Rs 90 lakh from cash van

Bengaluru: CMS Company’s driver and a cleaner distracted a security guard and escaped with Rs.90 lakh from money van. The incident took place in Jnanabharathi police limits on Monday evening.

The accused has been identified as Narayana Swamy, aged 45, who was the driver of the van. He is a resident of Tumkur and Narasimharaju, aged 35, who is a resident of Uttarahalli.

CMS is a company that deals with collecting cash from malls and supermarkets to deposit in the bank and transfer of cash to ATM’s. On Monday they were assigned to collect cash from malls and supermarkets in Rajarajeshwarinagar, Vijayanagar and Nagarabhavi. They were accompanied by a security guard named Nataraj. They collected Rs.90 lakh which was supposed to be deposited in the bank.

They were carrying the money collected in the van and stopped the vehicle near Jnanabharati campus. They asked Nataraj to get some water and banana from the shop nearby. When the guard returned back he could not find the vehicle anywhere. He tried calling their phones but his calls were unanswered. He immediately informed the company's manager Raghunath, who filed a complaint at the Janabharathi police station.

The police found the abandoned vehicle near Marohalli. They are in search of the accused. They suspected that Narayanaswamy had Rs. 15 lakh debt, while Narasimharaju faced financial difficulties. further investigation is in progress.

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