DCM tells to increase police patrolling in plain clothes to ensure women safety

Bengaluru: Deputy Chief Minister Dr G Parameshwar, has instructed senior police officers to increase the number of police work force in casual clothes on patrol duty to cut down cases of atrocities over women in the state. He issued this guideline amid the second meeting about application based taxi services, which was held at his office on Thursday July 19. 

Parameshwar noticed that assuring safety of women who utilize application based taxi services is critical and that it ought to be assured that harassment on women will never happen when using these services. He requested that the police have discussions with the concerns working for such services and find a way to enhance safety aspects identifying with women. 

The DCM noticed that in spite of the fact that there have been various laws and programmes aimed at women safety, there is absence of appropriate information about them among the public. He accordingly, asked that the authorities see that knowledge about the laws governing women' safety, programmes and information about the helpline adequately reach the people through advertisements.

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