CM Kumaraswamy persuaded the North Karnataka districts: CT Ravi

Chikkamagaluru: Legislators  C.T. Ravi and V. Somanna of the BJP lashed out at Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy for instigating the seperate state to North Karnataka region. 

Ravi said that CM Kumaraswamy is to be held responsible for the seperate state demand by North Karnataka districts after the CM presented a ‘lopsided’ budget favouring only a few districts in Old Mysuru region.

Addressing the media, Ravi said that the neglect of North Karnataka region in the budget had led to widespread discontent among people who feel let down and fear that it will aggravate regional imbalance in the state.

“If Kumaraswamy feels he is the CM of only  37 Assembly seats which his party, the JD(S) won,  he cannot be the representative of 224 Assembly seats,” he said.

“Ours is United Karnataka and Suvarna (golden) Karnataka,” he claimed. 

Former minister V Somanna said that CM Kumaraswamy was adding fuel to fire and asked the him not to get emotional on issues facing the state. 

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