PU education department changes timetable

Mangaluru: The PU education department has in a sudden move changed the timetable of PUC which now starts the college year ahead by one month. This unexpected and sudden move of the education department has caused trouble to both, students and their parents. This drastic change has led to widespread outrage amongst the teachers, students and parents.

Every year, PUC would commence from June 1st. But according to the new order from the education department, the classes will begin from May 2nd. Classes for 1st PU must begin with the a week of the release of SSLC marks.

April, May will be holiday

Holiday for schools and colleges will be decided based on the particular areas climate. In April and May, the state witness searing hot summers with high temperature. Shortage in drinking water is an acute problem then. The possibilities of spread of contagious diseases are high. The education department’s ignorance to all these problems and its actions to start classes in May is considered to be unscientific and hasty by the teachers and parents.

Election duty

Most of the PU lecturers have been requisitioned for election duty. The lecturers think that even though the classes may begin, the lessons will not.

Department’s justification

If more working days are made available to the lecturers, lessons can be effectively taught and thus help in bringing up standards of education. According to the previous timetable, children used to get 100 days of summer vacation. Because of this there is a possibility that the students will forget that which they have learnt. Currently, the performance of the students in entrance exams for higher education is not as expected. The newly introduced timetable will provide more time for the students to prepare for entrance exams. If the college begins in May, the number of students joining government P.U. colleges will increase, is the justification given by the department.


Parental distress

Normally, PUC exams end in February or March followed by summer vacations for the students which last till June 1st. Accordingly to this, the parents plan their tours and functions. Railway and flight tickets for distant tours are booked. Department’s sudden and drastic change in the timetable without giving any prior notice had turned every parent’s plan topsy-turvy.

Problem for 1st PU students

This time’s SSLC exam results are expected to be released on May 7th. According to the new timetable, the students must join 1st PUC and the classes will begin by May 14th. Within a week’s period, the students have been compelled to select their course, pay the fees, get their uniform and text books.

CBSE, ICSE students in panic

CBSE and ICSE examination results will be released at the end of May. Most of these students opt for state syllabus for PUC. Since, this year the classes are going to begin early, these students have panicked.

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