KMF to buy milk for Rs 1 less per litre from the farmers

Bengaluru: The various associations of Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) have decided to lessen the procurement cost of milk by Rs 1 to Rs 2 (per liter) gathered from the farmer. 

As indicated by a public statement of KMF, "Usually, more milk is stored during the period of June, July, November, and December. In any case, this year, as a result of good rains, the storage of milk has crossed the desire in May itself." 

"Besides, now there is less demand for the milk products in national and global markets. Regardless of that, to advance dairy cultivating each day, 81.78 lakh liters of milk is being bought from the farmers", it included. 

Then, KMF cleared up, "In light of the monetary condition, milk associations settle on the purchase of the milk and fix cost in like manner. Correspondingly, now the associations have taken a choice to deduct the installment to farmers by Rs 1 to Rs 2 for every liter. After the monsoon, the cost will increase once more. There won't be any adjustment in the help value Rs 5 per liter given by the governemnt."

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