Still no uniform for school children!

Mangaluru/Udupi: Though it’s been a month since the government schools have begun in the undivided South Canara, close to 1.75 lakh students are yet to receive their uniforms. About one lakh students in  Dakshina Kannada are deprived of school uniform and in Udupi district, around 73,000 students are yet to receive their due.

The state government provides a pair of uniform to all students from 1st std to 10th std. Under ‘Sarva Shikshana Abhiyana’, all students belonging to SC/ST and BPL families will get an additional pair of uniform.

Under central government’s ‘Sarva Shikshana Abhiyan's E-Tender Procurement Portal, the uniforms are distributed by calling for competitive tenders. Every year, the uniforms are distributed through the school development and overseeing committee at the cost for Rs. 200 for 1st std to 5th std and at Rs. 300 from 6th to 8th std.

The purchase committee comprises of  SDMC president, Headmaster, three SDMC nominated members and two female members. The district vice president, regional education officer, BRP/CRP cannot interfere in the purchase process.

Dakshina Kannada: 97,810 individuals

Every year, the request for the uniform from every district is to be calculated on the number of students in the previous year which is accordingly submitted to the office of the regional education officer. Last year, there were 97,810 students in D.K. district. There were 9,141 boys and 8,776 and girl students and hence a total of 17,917 students were in high school. The primary school had 40,417 boys and 39,476 girls and hence 79,893 students. Thus, a total of 97,810 uniforms were requested. For ‘Sarva Shikshana Abhiyana’ uniform, a request for a total of 79,893 students has to be submitted.

Udupi: 71,000 individuals

Last year, there were 71,000 students studying in government schools in Udupi. Last year, 14,100 students in government schools and 8,700 students in aided schools studied in the 9th std. There were 73,284 students studying in the primary school from 1st to 8th std. Based on last year’s SATS, the required amount per standard is deposited in the account of SDMC.

Sample has not yet come

D.K. education department has not yet sent the requirement for uniforms. That is, a sample id first procured based on which the requirement is sent. A reminder letter in this regard has come to all the regional education officer’s office, inform department sources.

Why the delay?

The government provides the number based on SATS (Student Achievement Tracking System) of the students in the school, according to which the grant is also released. Every year, the government provided uniform is given to the students during the beginning of the school.

The uniform under ‘Sarva Shikshana Abhiyana’ used to get delayed a little. But, this time the delay is due to the elections, change in government and technical problem with the tender says the department.  This year, the money has not yet been released for the school development committee.

We do not have clear information

“The uniforms have not yet come for D.K. district. When enquired with the central office, they reply that there is a technical problem with the tender and that the uniform should come by July end or in the beginning of August. Hence, we too do not have the clean information on when it will come,” informs Y. Shivarammiah, Deputy Director, Public Education Department D.K.

Purchase process delayed

“Last year, the uniforms were distributed in the month of May itself. This year due to the election Model Code of Conduct, the purchase process has been delayed. It has come to knowledge that this year, for quick purchase, the money will be directly released into the account of SDMC,” said Nagesh Shyanubhag, DDPI in-charge.

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